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tv   Headline News  RT  August 31, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets president obama says he's willing to go it alone on syria but nevertheless will still seek congressional approval for any military strike. president putin dismisses claims that the syrian government used chemical weapons as nonsense and demands that the united states provide proof. meanwhile a possible u.s. strike on syria sparked a wave of protests across the world with thousands taking to the streets in support of the middle eastern country.
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three m. in moscow i met good to have you with us here on r t our top story president obama says he doesn't need u.n. authorization to launch an attack on syria but he will take the issue to congress the decision to punish damascus follows the publication of a u.s. intelligence assessment claiming the assad regime ordered a chemical weapons attack but the report does not contain hard evidence has such an important i has the latest. u.s. president barack obama has announced something of a shift in strategy with respect to military intervention into syria now most of the world was speculating that washington would strike damascus within the next within the next twenty four to forty eight hours but on saturday afternoon president obama confirmed that the u.s. will take military action against syria but first the u.s. leader says he will seek authorization from congress speaking in the rose garden obama said that he believes he has the authority to carry out a military attack without approval from congress but he feels that going before
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congress having a public debate debate having a vote would make the country stronger if there was actually a national conversation taking place about obama's intended military strike against syria now the u.s. leader says that he feels comfortable carrying out an attack against a syrian targets without the approval of the united nations security council u.s. officials believe that any security draft resolution allowing for the use of force against syria would be vetoed by russia and or china now obama says his plan military strike is not time sensitive that means that it could happen one week from now it could happen one month from now but ultimately the u.s. president says the syrian government will pay consequences for allegedly carrying out a chemical weapons attack after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets this would not be
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an open ended intervention we would not put boots on the ground. instead our action would be designed to be limited duration and scope now it's important to point out that the team of u.n. experts that have been investigating the august twenty first alleged chemical weapons attack just returned from damascus and have not yet concluded if chemical weapons were used the results of their findings may become known in the next few weeks why president obama is basing his judgment on is an independent investigation that washington has done into the alleged chemical weapons attack which blames the assad government for being behind it now president obama also said that the u.s. cannot raise its children in a world where we don't follow through on the things that we say president obama was for referring to his own statements and what he said a little over a year ago when he drew that proverbial red line in the sand about the syrian
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government using chemical weapons if they were to then there would be consequences now many experts believe that the u.s. president can't bluff he's in a position where he said what he said and now he has to back up his words washington already has a lot of naval power on standby in the mediterranean that was even before obama made it clear he wants to attack syria congress settles the side on whether to use this military might when it returns from its break on september ninth five u.s. destroyers ready to attack when you order is given the u.s.s. san antonio or ship was sober hundred marines aboard also joining them late friday obama said there won't be any boots on the ground in syria echoing earlier u.s. statements that these troops at sea will only stand by as a precaution the other five vessels though pack some firepower each of them carrying up to ninety tomahawk cruise missiles they can strike syria from a distance keeping the destroyers themselves safe from the country's antiship missiles irresponsive the point of the u.s. navy syrian authorities say their army is now mobilized for intervention. in
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damascus she brings with more. if at the beginning of a bomb a speech i so that people looped nervous obviously frightened attack and war rate relief came to replace all these emotions all these feelings following a bomb and speech many here say that congress is unlikely to approve military action against syria but even those who think that it could happen that congress does approve this strike against a country say at least it is not going to happen tonight but if we're talking about the general mood in syria that public opinion is divided there are those who are afraid and frightened and they leave the country they pack their bags they send their families women and kids outside syria and they're following them themselves and there is another part of the syrian society they say we don't care we've been living under this pressure on do these dangerous highly unsafe and stable
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situation for more than two years and a half we didn't leave last year and two years ago why should we leave now so so u.s. administration officials say president obama changed his mind at the last minute before making his announcement at first he wanted to take unilateral action against syria the president is under severe public pressure at home as most americans say they don't share confidence that military action against the country is necessary let's take a look at the latest numbers more than half of the americans taking part in a reuters poll don't want intervention in syria only twenty percent saying they're in favor of it whether assad should be attacked if he's implicated in chemical weapons use less than thirty percent said yes meanwhile the possibility of a u.s. led intervention in the country has sparked numerous protests and rallies across the world more than a thousand in london chanted hands off syria it was before obama left no doubt that the country would be targeted similar scenes in germany close to the same amount of antiwar activists saying only a sovereign independent syria free of foreign influence would make peace possible sentiment was echoed in paris and supporters of syria were out in force also.
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pearcy russian president vladimir putin's casts doubt on u.s. evidence that syrian forces used chemical weapons calling the claims nonsense he also cautioned the president obama about the fallout from getting involved in syria militarily artie's sean thomas has more on moscow's reaction. president vladimir putin spoke to reporters and bloody vostok here in russia and had some strong and clear words about the situation in syria first of all he said all of this talk of strikes and military intervention from the west is he is certain because the syrian regime is making advances against the rebels and it's a tactic or a technique to try and turn the tide of the civil war in syria to the rebels side he also said that the idea of the government the assad regime using chemical weapons is absurd cityscape it's syrian government forces are advancing in
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some areas they have surrounded the rebels to think that in such a time they would give a true code for those calling for intervention is. now the president went on to say that of course russia is against the idea of weapons of mass destruction specifically chemical weapons and in this case and particularly that the global community needs to wait until the u.n. investigation team results are in and he says that at that time the global community can then discuss the situation and act in a lawful manner that any unilateral action would be against international law he also said that he was surprised about the situation last week in the british parliament where they debated and then voted down military action for the u.k. in syria he says that he was surprised but he was pleased and it shows that there are rational minds at play in the government and that that debate needs to happen he also appealed it to president obama not just as a president but as
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a nobel laureate winner of the nobel peace prize let's not forget that barack obama is nobel peace prize laureate of the cost decade the u.s. has started several conflicts in various parts of the world but did that really solve any problems afghanistan iraq libya. there is no democracy there now which is what the u.s. claimed it tried to bring this new civil peace all balance all of these has to be taken into account before making the decision to stop bombing syria which will lead to civilian casualties so russia continuing to stand in their position that the world needs to wait for the u.n. investigation to take place the world needs to act globally it looks like now that president obama will be sending it back to congress and so we will wait to see if that spirited debate that happened in the in the u.k. parliament will also happen in the united states we're keeping an eye on
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developments in and around syria in the region bringing you the latest updates as we get them. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. put it on your. face.
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a pleasure to have you with us today. the world of the. technology innovation hall the list of elements from
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around russia we've. covered. continuing on the situation with syria. this is me i'm joined live for some perspective by collin cavell an assistant professor at bluefield state college to speak more about the situation thanks for joining us here so do you think that president obama changed his mind at the last minute about asking for congressional approval what do you think spurred that. that some people will commend president obama or waiting for a vote from the u.s. congress before undertaking you know lateral military action against the elected government of syria. and of course people or they know that this is perhaps not clear in maybe another war just like one sector as they call them.
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just like when prime minister tony blair lied to the british public so they want to be sure but i think we ought to be asking the question why was the president just before today so willing to go to war against the government of syria well our in the un inspectors don't even finish their inspection inspections without the united nations security council in their discussing or hurting on the us without nato its lending in support to this action and deal without any allies and all people should be asking those questions and of course when they come to the answer they'll find out there what we're doing is leading the effort of a counter-revolutionary war instigated by the kingdom of saudi arabia qatar the other persian gulf monarchies ever since the arab spring broke out in late two thousand and ten and spread and there's a lot of these markets have been spending millions of dinars trying to push the
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arab spring away from their governments because they're hated by their party lately and trying to topple the elected government of syria the elected government of iran and to try to take people's minds off of democracy but for a second tone of living two hundred thirty years in the case of bahrain and and hundreds of years of the other cases of living under a single family rule of living under the monarchy and if the media in the west would focus on this then they would have to tell the british public and the american public exactly what we do know from the opposite perspective you have by sharia side and then you have half as a side it seems like there's also single family role there to. well you can quibble about the type of democracy they have in syria but at least they have a democracy and the king of saudi arabia there is no democracy in the kingdom of bahrain there is no democracy and the way there is no democracy in all gone there
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is no democracy there are single families who live in power says they look great and they imprison and they torture and they killed whoever they want my students at bahrain have several students into in jail or in exile and that is what they want they want a say in their government they want some democratic form of government we keep betraying that democratic area during and say it's because of our addiction to oil and it's interesting that the kingdom of saudi arabia doesn't get mentioned and our media bandar bin sultan the chief security of the key to the saudi arabia who is behind most of this activity ascending and to hottest mercenaries into syria to kill the people of chocolate you know the regimes in the area has been day she says this is so bizarre and so it streamed he makes the double blush. all right thanks for a time column cavell assistant professor bloomfield state college thank you. turning
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out to other news we're covering our thousands rally in berlin to protest against a russian law banning the promotion of gay lifestyles to those under the age of eighteen echoing u.s. and european activists some protesters called for a boycott of the upcoming sochi winter games russia the focus of widespread criticism over the issue of gay rights in the country because of the legislation with a new law in place artie's culture correspondent martin anders takes a look at war at russia's our whether russia is hostile to same sex couples. the real break by russia fights in the streets and melissa arrests for many around the world moscow brings images of snow spies violence and now extreme homophobia the new anti-gay propaganda law has certainly break night in the cold war hangups from decades ago on the this time it's the l g b t community in the spotlight all the fights for equality and boycotts on sporting events can be justified it's important
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to note that moscow and many other major cities in russia do half thriving gay communities peter was named is a british expat who told me how he feels about safety in the capital city so you've been living here for three years what are your experiences well being are again out expire in moscow i think it's safe i'm have any incidents living here and i don't know any friends that have any balance of us living here as well here i think they get violent clashes murders and ban parades there is widespread homophobia in russia discrimination is discrimination and needs to be a challenge but has the l g b t community become a scapegoat of anti russia propaganda and this tempers flare and protest tourism takes hold in london and new york are activists seeing the full picture. central station is a popular game nightclub such venue is in themselves a measure of freedom nor are they the benchmark of human rights and acceptance but
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they do give something of an insight into the reality of gay life here this isn't about promoting a positive image of russia it's about addressing the fact that even though gay rights are being squeezed in l g b t people have been abused and killed it is possible for young gay men and women to have a happy healthy and safe life here activists in the west spoken out loudly in great numbers but is this about the crime or hate russia. this is not about defending the right. stance there is only one side to equality but it is about understanding russia's history social behavior soviet mindset and the whole religion has over swathes of society and that's one of the most misunderstood places in the world all earns and equality remain the battle for the one for the rainbow flag stop flying around very. early in
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my colleague bill dodge shared a discussion on why russia is seemingly similar for criticism when it comes to gay rights we have been accused of not covering this topic here on t.v. and just last week a freelance reporter by the name of james could have chick he brought all t. certainly into the spotlight didn't he with great star one has to say and he says that he made a. few. twitter followers bump for him but to get to the point this by the way is our third panel on carrots in russia but that's beyond the point kurtz that came on to r t two let us know what he thinks about our coverage or lack thereof of the gay rights in russia and this is what happened you know being here on a kremlin funded propaganda network i'm going to wear my gay pride suspenders and going to speak out about bradley manning plus time because you know i don't i'm not really interested in talking about bradley and i mention talking about the horrific environment of homophobia in russia right now and to let the russian gay people know that they have their friends and allies all right saying those aren't just
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about. i only go on that station with the russians so i don't want to waste too much time my critic we did invite him to speak tonight he denied saying that he said in interviews around the world after this event that r.t. is not a legitimate news channel that he just believes it would be supporting putin and his mouthpiece and that he won't participate in discussions on our network to give it credibility but i think that we should not spend too much time talking about kirk and talk about the real issues absolutely we've invited peter tatchell who is with us now in london with regard to the law what it's basically says is that any information that makes homosexuality sound attractive or interesting or says that homosexuality or heterosexuality is equally valid is illegal if a person under eighteen might witness it why shouldn't young people under eighteen
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know the facts of homosexuality and same sex love some of the moves. or if not they will drop to no gay people they should know the facts the truth not about sex but about love between people of the same gender in a moment peter would be asking in the sort of the purpose of the storm what it means and what it's trying to achieve but you quite rightly point to homophobic violence in russia but of course it's not just a problem here in the country i just like to give you some statistics about the problems elsewhere around the world in the us for example sexual orientation ranks as the third highest motivator for hate crime incidents off the race based on religion based attacks in new york alone and she gave crimes rose seventy percent this year according to local police let's look at the u.k. ninety eight hundred five you can transfer the crimes recorded each week across britain and compared to other types of hate crime the proportion of anti get attacked is on the rise too would you agree you're going to get a rights here in russia what's your experience going to be called a champion of the russian government or anyone here in the russian government i
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mean i'm just fighting for the rights i think the boys have to discuss something and that's what they have. been discussing for the last days but i was hijacked that i was tortured that i had been. harassed by everyone and so on yes it's absolutely true that my flight was a raided by the police on tuesday because of the case of. the russian duma and it was really not a very pleasant. experience what happened during but it doesn't stop me of a phobia is rife in this country one hundred percent true what i find it culturally interesting is that what is the why is the focus on russia when there are seventy six countries around the world that you know how far west laws to death penalty etc and i get messages every single day from people saying how could you live in moscow the reality is that if two tourists or americans come to moscow they have come and say that sense just like they will in any other country they will be safe whole picture is absolutely exaggerated it's not what they report is absolutely not true
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what they're saying is that basically everyone is being killed on the streets here one of my sons and. i mean i want to say i mean we i want what we want to say i'm here i mean i'm absolutely involved in all the public to t.v. you know i probably want to i don't know not being rated by the police why am i not running a role why am i not now in new york why not now in london when i'm here in moore school in your studio fighting for your rights and talking about it right that's what i want to say absolutely and it's proof you're here and it's proof it's very happy to talk about it and out of the other stories making international headlines yemen's prime minister escaped an assassination attempt in the capital sanaa gunmen opened fire on my. motorcade before fleeing the scene according to one of his advisors no one was injured during the assault struggling against deadly violence from militants affiliated with al qaeda. in china at least fifteen people died after a leak of liquid ammonia
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a cold storage place in shanghai twenty five others injured the incident was some reported in serious condition authorities launched an investigation into the cause of the leak and thus truck settings common in china because of poor work safety standards. in paraguay a bus drivers and a woman now themselves to crosses after they were fired from their jobs demonstrators say they were sacked as they asked their employers for better wages and conditions already their third week of protest that's planned at least another three weeks. however some thrills and spills from the world's finest pilots russia's max aviation show the biggest daredevils don't need an injector a scene or a supersonic engine or he's losing friends explains. it's not the size of the engine that matters it's how you use what you've got that's what the pilots and first flight rushes only aerobatics team using propeller planes say no jet engines here no mach two or egypt buttons just good old fashioned
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pistons and plenty of guts at air shows like max these pilots may no longer be the main attraction but propeller planes were the first to take on aerobatics and they plan to stick around. a main goal is to show everyone how beautiful flying can be and to demonstrate the potential of these planes and popularize sports and aerobatics though these planes may not be so big and powerful they have great potential. reminiscent of the barnstormers of the one nine hundred twenty s. in america this team's planes are equipped with smoke systems that we've patterns in the skies piloting on a stunt team is still a man's world but irina mark over is one russian woman breaking that mold. people often ask me how i feel different from the male pilot is but i just assume that flying planes makes us the same i feel complete freedom in the skies it is believed there are six degrees of freedom but in reality it seems to be much more up there
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that is how free you feel. making it look easy is part of the job and world champion aerobatics pilot. insists that means his mood has to be put to one side when he takes the controls. the. most important thing when you do a great flight is to follow the guidelines and express your emotions be they sad or happy only after you land and turn off the engine during the flight you have to be calm focus on performing the elements flawlessly and stay safe so if you is going to have fun. of course just watching isn't enough so off i went in a bright shiny fifty two with irina at the controls and the leisurely two hundred kilometer per hour cruising speed it was clear that for the pilots it's more about finesse than g. force lindsey france r t moscow. or online game start some of the best moments in the skies you can find the photos on our website in the invision section is also
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a click away. ilian nation scientists reckon an asteroid far from mars may have brought life to earth making us all elegant but our day dot com to find out if the truth is down here. coming up max in the stacy take on the bankers and wall street in kaiser report stay with us. so the historic and for many americans tragic ruling in the bradley manning case just got a lot weirder because he has declared that he wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea well i'm glad his lawyer got him to keep this revelation to himself until the end of the trial but sadly he really should have pushed for him
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to keep quiet about this just a bit longer why you ask because if there is one thing i know about the mainstream media is that the second sex is involved everything else instantly becomes a distant second case in point what is the legacy of bill clinton is that the job murderer who are sure to nafta no is it a violent foreign policy throughout the world somewhat similar to bush's and obama's in locations like haiti somalia in the balkans etc no his legacy is based on the least important sin he committed as a president cheating on his wife for the. couldn't wasn't office the lewinsky scandal just smothered everything else i am pretty sure that if i know the mainstream media they are going to use manning's gender confusion to overshadow and drown out everything else involved in the case but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i-max kaiser so they are going to talk about young people those to whom we bequeath this burnt out underfunded hollowed out bed ridden drug addled and plot old financial system pension system markets and infrastructure stacy herbert yes max we're going to talk about a generation y'all should just do or run or because mom and dad and grandpa and grandma have left you with a big bill for all of their hollowing out hold economy hold jobs. and just like back in the dust bowl days you know they had that what he. would have got three you know gone around town to town with the guitar talk about a good.


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